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Crown E Liquid 30ml Watermelon
Crown E Liquid 30ml Watermelon

List Price: $15.59
Our Price: $12.99
Savings: $2.60

Nic Level:

Do not confuse this e liquid with just any old regular watermelon blend. Cool Watermelon is about to give you an icy experience that will be sure to stand out from the rest of the watermelon e liquids. Adding the icy flare will not take away from the flavor the watermelon has, but it will give it an extra kick because it knows you might have grown bored of an ordinary watermelon taste. While you smell this e liquid, you might get the feeling that your sinuses have just cleared up because of the cooling sensation it is about to give you. Once you take the first pull, it seems as if a polar bear just discover what a bowling alley is, and he wants to bring it back to the Arctic and show his friends how to participate. However, this polar bear is not using bowling balls, he is using watermelons. I guess he did not have enough funding for the normal balls. The icy feeling feels incredible, but you suddenly get the sense that these polar bear are rolling these watermelons down you throat allowing you to taste every single hint the watermelon has to offer. This explains the throat hit that you are experiencing, yet it is not a harsh one. As you are being blasted with watermelon coolness, you can relax and just enjoy the trip as the polar bears continue with their shenanigans. It feels as if they are using your uvula as their bowling pins. Clearly, these polar bears did not have any budget this time around. Eventually, the game ends and you begin to exhale. The polar bears want to thank you for your time as they leave in big clouds, but you also thank them for giving you all the juicy flavor they can provide. A little watermelon flavor lingers behind as consider going for the second hit. There is 30ml of e liquid per bottle, so take as many as you want. You will be happy, and the polar bear will enjoy another round.

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