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Crown E Liquid 30ml Sweet Melon
Crown E Liquid 30ml Sweet Melon

List Price: $15.59
Our Price: $12.99
Savings: $2.60

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Watermelon e liquids can be some of the juiciest ones on the market. Being one of the most refreshing fruits, Watermelon tries hard to give you the best experience when you take a pull from it. As soon as you put your lips on your vaporizer, your mouth begins to water and you cannot hold the feeling of taking a pull right away. You slowly start inhaling and all you can think about is how fresh the melons used in this e liquid are. You feel the watermelons rapidly start to roll around inside you, and it becomes impossible to control them. You are being given so much flavor and you are not aware how to control them. You consider exhaling, but then you realize how that will not allow you to get all the savory juices Watermelon has to offer. Holding it was the best decision because now you can appreciate how many watermelons went in on making this e liquid. As you slowly start to exhale, it feels as if you are letting each watermelon leave one at a time, as they create their own big cloud as their way of saying goodbye. They leave a sweet taste in your mouth, and your lips may begin to tingle due to so much sweetness. You reach for your vaporizer and want to go for a second round. However, you realize that you do not want to quickly go through your entire bottle of Watermelon e liquid so fast. Well, this e liquid is available in 30ml per bottle, so it will not be going anywhere anytime soon. If it does, then you clearly found an e liquid that you love and everyone is entitled to some love at some point, right? Just enjoy the Watermelon e liquid because you might not find another one just like it.

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