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Crown E Liquid 30ml Blueberry Frost
Crown E Liquid 30ml Blueberry Frost

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These blueberries might not give you the antioxidants you need, but they will be sure to give you a juicy blend with an icy feel. Blueberries are a flavorful fruit that many of us loves, especially when they are included in an e liquid. However, they are usually placed in blends that involve a mix of several other berries to make it a berry mix. Blueberry Frost is about to show you how this e liquid can not only show what the blueberry has to offer when it comes to taste, but it can also give you a cooling touch in order to enhance the flavoring of it provides. Blueberries are good on their own, but anything can always use a little help. Taking a puff of Blueberry Frost may freeze your mouth instantly. This warm summer day just turned into a winter wonderland. The blueberries slowly start to come in the blend and you get the sweet ripe taste of the blueberries. It feels as if you were hanging out in a field of blueberries shrubs ready for picking, but it somehow began to snow. This can essentially happen today with the crazy weather patterns we are having, but thankfully it is just what this e liquid is making you feel. Actually, New York City is one that can experience all four seasons in a week, but that is beside the point. As the blueberries feel like they are just piling up inside you, it becomes clear that you have breath and just let them slip out. Slowly you begin to release these big clouds that leave you a small aftertaste of this delectable fruit. You probably did not even realize the tiny throat hit it gave you until now because of how yummy your time with the blueberries might have been. There is 30ml of e juice per bottle, so keep on savoring those ripe blueberries and notice how much they contribute to other mixed blends.

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