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Crown E Liquid 30ml Cotton Candy
Crown E Liquid 30ml Cotton Candy

List Price: $15.59
Our Price: $12.99
Savings: $2.60

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This is not a carnival, but this e liquid is about to make you feel like you are indulging in a famous amusement park snack. Cotton Candy is a flavor that may be difficult to create because it is very sweet. However, this Cotton Candy e liquid is about to taste like no other. When you take your first pull, it may feel like you are physically eating the cottony goodness that this sugary snack can bring you. It may feel as if you are at a carnival watching parents follow their kids around who want to get on several rides. You are standing next to the man who is holding a huge stick that has several cotton treats attached to it. You are not sure who came up with the structure of the stick, but as long as it is making it easier for the man to transport the goodies, everything will be okay. The Cotton Candy e liquid is super savory, and it somehow does not carry such an overpowering flavor, which is great. As you begin to exhale it, you feel as if the cotton candy is rushing out of you and you can potentially become a cotton candy machine with the amount of flavor you are releasing. The clouds are huge and it seems like now you have become an entertainer at the carnival, like the clowns. You go for the second pull and it feels as if you just bought a fresh bag of cotton candy and ate the whole thing in one bite. You know what to experience, so you did not want to hesitate in indulging in it slowly. This Cotton Candy e liquid comes in a 30ml bottle of e liquid that will last you a long time, and take you on several trips to the carnival. Now you do not even have to go to one in order to get the yummy treat that many of us love.

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